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Magician and Children's Entertainer MORRIS TAYLOR is a professional who has performed magic all over the world.  His age-appropriate shows involve the audience and are filled with fun, puppets, and of course, great MAGIC that kids love!

    Morris Taylor, aka "Morris, the Magic Man!", has been performing magic

    for nearly 30 years and has entertained audiences all over the world.  He specializes

    in magic for younger children, ages 3 - 7, and elementary grades 1 - 6.  His

    educational presentations reinforce important developmental qualities such as

    courtesy, cooperation, and honesty.  In addition to schools and libraries, his shows

    are perfect for daycare centers, park districts, birthday parties and a variety of

    family celebrations.






Why bring a magician to your school or

library?  Here are just a few of the reasons mentioned by past customers:

  • Great entertainment for the kids.

  • The shows are both educational and fun.

  • Gives the children a break from the regular routine.

  • The opportunity to see a live show (for many children, this is the first time).

  • Fun for the staff - they love it as much as the kids!

  • Can be tied in to your special event days.

  • Promotes added-value for the center and creates good word-of-mouth advertising.

  • Will let parents know your center is different from others (parents appreciate the extras).

  • It's not your typical magic show -- it's age appropriate specifically for younger children.

  • Satisfaction guaranteed - no risk to you!



                  Customer comments about

          "Morris, The Magic Man!"

  "Morris' personality, energy, and humor made the show a
  positively joyful experience!"
  A. Reneau
  Editor, Brilliant Star Magazine

  "I've never seen our kids so attentive!"
  B. Bates
  Teacher, preschool Head Start Program, Chicago

  "(the) Children clearly enjoyed the shows, evidenced by their
  enthusiastic laughter and willingness to volunteer... a quality
  A. Bies
  Youth Services Program Coordinator,
  Schaumburg Township District Library

  "We love your show... thank you for coming!"
  The children of room 023
  Richard Yates Elementary School

  "I just had to write and tell you what a wonderful program you
  presented here at Indian Trails Public Library District. Our patrons
  absolutely loved it! ...I appreciated your manner of getting the
  audience so involved through participation, but also watching their
  anticipation of how the magic was going to play out. I loved
  watching their faces..!"
  R. Johnson
  Programmer, Indian Trails Public Library District

  "I will definitely be recommending you at the next librarian
  networking group, and hope to have you perform again at our
  B. Ingram
  Youth Services Manager, Fremont Public Library District

  "He delighted both children and adults alike!"
  M. Taillon
  Loan Officer, Norstates Bank

  "It is often difficult to find performers who truly understand this
  age group, but we certainly 'struck gold' when we hired Mr. Taylor
  for the job! He definitely understands how to keep younger
  children engaged through interaction, pacing, and by providing
  entertainment that is developmentally appropriate... With over
  200 people in attendance, the show was a huge success..!"
  S. Kraft-Walker
  Youth Services Department, Glenview Public Library

  "We again had Morris the Magician for the young preschool
  ages. He was fantastic! He had the kids hopping with anticipation
  and parents and children laughing out loud... Would I invite him
  back again? YES, YES YES. In fact, I have talked to my co-
  workers and we will be having him again for the older children..!
  ...My preschoolers' parents have asked to let them know ahead
  of time when we will have him again so they can put him on the
  calendar. I know that we will have his program filled without much
  publicity, just from word of mouth -- he's that good."
  G. Doolan
  Preschool Liaison & Programmer, McHenry Public Library

  "...We also appreciated your emphasis on the importance of
  reading! Our preschoolers were pleased by your sense of humor
  and the way you made them feel smart. You handled the crowd
  so well... Thank you again for bringing such a captivating show to
  our community."
  S. Postellon and N. Sauer
  Fountaindale Public Library District

  "Everyone was quite impressed with your ability to capture
  the children's attention and make them part of the show.
  We would advocate the use of your show to anyone who is
  considering hiring you for magic fun and laughter."
  Peppermint Stick Children's Center

  "The popular response received was, 'When will he return?'
  ...How Morris engaged the children was so personal that
  each child appeared to connect with him like a partner. As the
  kids were leaving, it seemed that they were left with a sense
  of wonderment of what had just happened -- it was magic!"
  I. Lewis
  Youth Services Librarian, Glenside Public Library District

  "The parents and their children raved about your performance.
  We heard nothing but great things."
  B. Klein
  Youth Programming Librarian,
  Prospect Heights Public Library District

  "His humor and personality got the crowd excited and all crying
  for more. There was a lot of laughter and the kids couldn't wait
  to volunteer and participate. Everyone joined in and he really
  worked the crowd. I sit through a lot of performances and I
  enjoyed his original approach and magic act... I would love to
  have Morris Taylor back again!"
  Vynette Belluomini
  Children's Branch Coordinator, Hanover Park Branch
  Poplar Creek Public Library District

  "We were all in rapt attention; it was the highlight of our
  B. Ohlsen
  Coordinator, Lake County Bahá'í School

  "Not only did he do magic, but he involved the children in
  singing and stories to keep them interested and engaged. We
  really enjoyed having him at (our) summer camps and hope
  to have him at other events!"
  T. Yoder
  Director, The Little Gym

  "The patrons raved about Morris the Magic Man's show! The
  parents and children loved his amazing tricks and wonderful
  sense of humor."
  M. Adamowski
  Head of Youth Services, Orland Park Public Library

  "Thank you so much for presenting a magnificent magic show for
  our littlest patrons. You kept them engaged, involved and
  interested the entire time (and) their parents were captivated as
  well... Please use me as a reference anytime."
  P. Sawin
  Children's Programming specialist, Warren-Newport Library

  "A fantastic entertainer...highly recommended!"
  J. Richard
  Old School Montessori Socials Coordinator 










































































































Are you ready for SOMETHING SPECIAL?
Then bring Morris, The Magic Man! to your
center or next event and watch the
MAGIC happen!


Call (847) 546-0789 for booking availability.
Discounts are available for multiple shows.

References available upon request.




                                         Frequently Asked Questions


      *  How long is your show?
        For the preschool through first grade age group, the average length is
        30 - 35 minutes. Shows for older children average 40 - 45 minutes.


      *  How far do you travel to perform?
Northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin.

      *  How long have you been performing magic and where have you

I've been performing for nearly 30 years in schools, libraries, park districts,
        and private parties. I've done shows around the U.S. as well as in Bermuda,
        Guam, Holland, and the Leeward and Virgin Islands among other countries.

      *  Do you perform magic shows for older age groups?
I specialize in magic for younger children, which is a specific type of magical     

        entertainment, but I perform for a variety of age groups, including adults. All
        of my shows are designed to be age-appropriate.

      *  How much do you charge?
Prices are based on the venue (school, library, daycare center, etc.) and
        audience size. Please call with your particulars and I will quote you a very  

        reasonable price that I think will be a pleasant surprise!

      *  Are you available on weekdays?
        Yes, I am a full-time education consultant and entertainer.


      *  Do you have references?
        Yes -- feel free to ask for a list.


Your satisfaction is guaranteed!








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